Information about us

Fish Zone is an important part of Egyptian cuisine, and is available in the region.

Traditionally, fishing has been a reliable source of revenue for Fish Zone.

More research is being done in the field of marine fish farming, with the potential of Fish Zone becoming one of the world's leading companies in this field.

Although the fish market in Egypt is booming day by day, many problems are faced by customers such as lack of easy access to the site, lack of time to deal with sellers directly, unavailability of a specific product, cost differences, etc.

Fishzone-market is an e-commerce platform, with a central purchasing and distribution plan, which has been developed to overcome these difficulties faced by customers.

Sellers also benefit from us as well, as they can benefit from their sales and profit by listing their business with us!

 ?What makes us unique

Fishzone-Market is the first initiative of its kind in Egypt in its purpose and scope.

We are keen to fulfill the diverse demands of customers, and they will be able to choose from 60+ types of fish available in Egypt, which will be listed in our website! Fish can be ordered online from our website, or by phone, and your ordered product will be delivered to your location in the agreed time slot.

Local fish stalls from all over the republic can create unique pages for sellers in our website and remember their fish sales.

They can also list their offers, promotions, etc. Since there are many fish stalls in Egypt with different product ranges and availability factor, our services will be provided in all across the Republic.